There are plenty of different types of relationship one can have with another person. One of them happens when you find a person with whom you have many affinities with, but at the same time is the complete opposite of you.

So let me tell you about the one I look up to: A.


I met A about seven years ago through a common passion. Both the internet and our love for a popular series of books brought us together and I like to think of our friendship as solid proof that distance cannot stop a real bond from forming.

Even if we have seen each other only a handful of times, those times have been among the best adventures of my life. We have travelled together across continents and seen incredible people and places together. Those experiences wouldn’t have been the same lived with someone else – A was the friend I needed. Not only do we often share the same interests, but I’ve found in A a kindred spirit that I’ve never found in anyone else. It feels great to live through something with your emotions doubled by who’s next to you.

Even though I love this about A, I might love even more the fact that she’s actually nothing like me at all. I have always seen her as the cooler older girl I wanted to be like, so outspoken and strong and sure of herself. She exudes confidence and that’s always left me awed. This is why she is the one I look up to – I’d like to be more like her.

A is an incredible person. She is very friendly and she can make you very comfortable – as long as she likes you. She doesn’t take any bullshit from people. She’s kind hearted and funny and you won’t get bored with her. She’s creative and she’s good at taking care of people. She is, all in all, the perfect example of the good friend. I will always be thankful to our first common passion for bringing me to A.



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