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I have never truly felt at home in my own hometown.

Don’t get me wrong – my city of origin, Genoa, in the north of Italy, is truly beautiful and full of places to explore and admire. I was lucky to be born here, but this does not negate the fact that it has never felt right for me.

2016-04-18 16.05.42.jpg

Pegli, Genoa (Italy).

Have you ever had the feeling that you were just not meant to stay in one place? This is what Genoa is like for me. I love it, it will always have a special part of my heart and it will always be familiar for me, but I just know that it’s not where I’m meant to spend my life.

I don’t feel part of the spirit of the place – it has never given me a sense of peacefulness. But are there really places that are more meant for us than others?

I believe there are. The very first time I felt in complete harmony with the world around me was when I was walking down the streets of Cambridge (England), during a holiday I spent there to improve my English. I wasn’t doing anything special: it was a sunny morning and I was walking towards my morning classes. In that moment, I had the most intense sense of certainty that that was where I was meant to be in that exact moment. It’s a great, powerful feeling.


Cambridge (England).

That same sense of having found my place has never left me during my months in Edinburgh (Scotland). I don’t think that’s where I’m meant to be forever, but I knew that it was right for me at the time.

edi 2.jpg

Edinburgh (Scotland).

One should always seek their true home. Don’t settle for wherever you have found yourself to be just because it’s easier – feeling like you belong somewhere is truly one of the best sensations in the world. Wonder, explore, don’t rule anything out. Everyone has a place in this world – find yours.


2 thoughts on “Feeling HOME | Everyday Inspiration

  1. Daniel Quintanilla says:

    I truly feel this whenever I visit beaches around the world because when I’m there I feel so calm and relaxed. I just believe that’s the place for me. I think we all have a place like that, we just have to go out and find it, but it doesn’t help if we never go out into the world and truly find where our heart belongs. Great post!

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