Life is beautiful | VISION

Let’s start by saying that while I might act wise and profound, I’m just a 21 year old who knows very little about life. That being said, I do believe I have had my fair share of good and bad adventures during these handfuls of rotations around a merry star of our universe. What I have gathered so far is that while there are a lot of bad things going on in our world, life is so very… beautiful.

I must admit I am an optimist and a dreamer at heart. Maybe I have far too much faith in humanity sometimes. But one of the things I am most positive about is that the key to a happy life is to be appreciative of what we have. I write this as I am attached to an IV in the hospital, where I have been for almost 9 hours and it still looks like I’ll be for a couple more. I know life can be tough. But it’s worth fighting for.

Maybe today wasn’t the best day. It wasn’t yesterday and it won’t be tomorrow. But you can be sure that tonight I will still fall asleep smiling and thanking whatever power is above for giving me these days, this life, the chance to see all that I have seen. Because the rain looked pretty last night. Because my best friend had a nice day. Because my mum is always here for me. Because my cat smells nice and my stepdad is the best. Because it’s good to be alive, always, no matter the hard times you have to deal with.

I believe in the power of positivity. I believe that having an optimistic view of the world and appreciating every single little good thing is extremely helpful. If that is naïve of me… so be it!


“I choose to be happy today.”




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